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  • ARC is a highly respected international consulting firm dedicated exclusively to the unmanned aircraft sector.
  • ARC are industry leaders with real world expereince specialising in aviation safety and security, risk analysis and mitigation, logistics, legal and regulatory compliance, complex RPAS operations and enterprise integration.
  • Our clients include major infrastructure and transport companies such as Adelaide Airport, Sydney Trains, major corporations including the Nine Network and local governments.
  • The ARC team are world leading experts in Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), highly experienced operational professionals, leading academics and lawyers specialising in unmanned systems, and safety and risk management specialists who have have the requisite expertise to carry out safety risk assessments.  

How can the ARC help you?

Undertaking a comprehensive risk assessment of new or expansion of RPAS operations is vital to ensure both company personnel and the general public are adequately protected. Moreover, an organisations reputation and goodwill may be jeopardised if drone operations are not conducted with a high level of safety. This will ensure that the company is protected and it has satisfied its corporate due diligence and safety assurance responsibilities and is fully compliant with its Work Health and Safety (WHS) obligations.  ARC consultancy is based on the real world experiences of its executive team and partners which ensures its clients receive the right advice and appropriate solutions.   

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