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Counter Drone Solutions

  • ARC Managing Director, John Hildebrand, was the senior project officer for the counter drone capability for the 2018 Commonweath Games and understands the risk to safety and secuirty posed by RPAS operated by the nefarious, careless and terrorists and is well positioned to provide expert advice.
  • The growth of counter drone technology is directly related to the mounting threats posed by drones in both civilian and wartime environments.
  • The enhanced capability of these RPAS bypass fixed security measures and challenge our traditional response capabilities and standard operating procedures.
  • Terrorist groups weaponising commercial off the shelf drones, bad actors demonstrated how they could close the Gatwick airport, organised crime are delivering contraband into prisons, and issue motivated groups are using them for protests and disruption technigues at sporting events.

How can the ARC help you?

Counter drone systems are not without their challenges at the level of performance, practicality, legality and policy. A lack of common international standards in the counter drone (C-UAS) industry has resulted in a wide variance in the effectiveness and reliability of systems.  The counter drone industry is still maturing as are many of the products currently on offer with many manufacturers, their agents and re-sellers will overstate the capabilities of their systems.

The ARC has subject matter expertise in the area of counter drone technology, understands the legislative implications, rigorous tests system performance, and challenges capability statements made by counter drone manufacturers.  The ARC will ensure the system meets a client’s requirements, is fit for purpose, and within budget.

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