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Education and Training

  • Our education and training is delivery by our industry experts and nwtwork
  • Our 4 hour Counter Drone Course is designed for organisations, and their personnel, who are responsible for the protection of their assets and people and will ensure participants have a clear understanding of the threat posed by drones, the legal challenges, the technology available, the benefits and limitations of the counter drone systems, and an appreciation of the practical deployment of systems.
  • Our tabletop exercises are discussion-based sessions where team members meet in an informal classroom setting to discuss their roles during an RPAS related incident and their responses to that situation.
  • In our ‘Red Teaming’ role, we rigorously challenge a client’s plans, policies, systems, and assumption by adopting an adversarial approach. We provide real world scenarios to challenge our client’s plans, policies, systems, and assumptions to improve their own performance and response capabilities.
  • Our Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) training and Remote Operators Certificate (ReOC) development package estabishes the framework to esnure our clients pilots to operate legally and safely and the organisation has appropriate procedures to support the safe operation of their RPAS fleet.

How can the ARC help you?

The counter drone workshop, desktop excercises and red teaming are delivered by the ARCs subject matter experts. Through our expertise and network, the ARC ensures the Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) training is delivered to the highest standard and the Remote Opertator Certificate (ReOC) manuals contain the necessary framework for the safe and legal operation of RPAS.

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