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Security & Surveillance

Drones are a new security solutions that can empower security personnel and transform the ways they take action.  The aerial surveillance capabilities of drones makes them an invaluable tool when it comes to site security, perimeter patrols, incident response, intelligence gathering, and ultimately situational awareness. The imagery from the drone is streamed back to the command centre providing real-time visibility into security threats allowing security personnel to make informed decisions.

Surveillance Service

Our support partner uses a variety of surveillance drones from the small DJI Enterprise 2 with dual day/night camera through to the larger Matrice 200 series drones fitted with Z30 (30x zoom) day camera and the XT2 thermal camera. Live imagery from the drone is sent back to the clients security command centre to enable them to monitor the situation ‘live’.  In instances where a long surveillance deployment is required, a tethered solution allows the surveillance drone to stay airborne for hours or days depending on the client’s requirements. Our support partner uses software that provides personnel in the clients command centre, full control of the camera which allows then to position it to suit their requirements.

Implementing a Surveillance Powered Solution into your Organisation

ARC’s experienced personnel can assist client organisations to implement a drone powered security and surveillance solution.

ARC has you Covered

Whether you are looking for a surveillance service provider or require a surveillance solution to be implemented into your organisation, ARC can make it happen.

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